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2016 TRA Olympic Rugby Championship

11/22/2016, 4:15pm EST

Guidelines and Schedule Released

Field 1 (Back) Time Field 2 (Street)
G1 Soulsville G2 McMinn Co 8:30 G3 Riverdale G4  Germantown
G7 Storm G8 South Doyle 8:50 G5 Ravenwood G6 Freedom Prep
B1 McMinn Co B2 Oakland 9:10 G3 Riverdale B4  Sumner Co
B7  Freedom Prep B8    Bearden 9:30 B5  Harpeth B6  South Doyle
MS 1  MARU MS 2  Woodland 9:50 Open
G1 Soulsville G3 Riverdale 10:10 G2 McMinn Co G4  Germantown
G6 Freedom Prep G8 South Doyle 10:30 G5 Ravenwood G7 Storm
B1 McMinn Co B3  Germantown 10:50 B2 Oakland B4  Sumner Co
B6  South Doyle B8    Bearden 11:10 B5  Harpeth B7  Freedom Prep
MS 3  Sumner Co MS 2  Woodland 11:30 Open
G1 Soulsville G4  Germantown 11:50 G2 McMinn Co G3 Riverdale
G5 Ravenwood G8 South Doyle 12:10 G6 Freedom Prep G7 Storm
B1 McMinn Co B4  Sumner Co 12:30 B2 Oakland B3  Germantown
B5  Harpeth B8    Bearden 12:50 B6  South Doyle B7  Freedom Prep
MS 2  Woodland MS 1  MARU 1:10 Open
Girls Semi- Pool A First Girls Semi - Pool B Second 1:30 Girls Semi -Pool B First Girls Semi - Pool A Second
Boys Semi- Pool A First Boys Semi - Pool B Second 1:50 Boys Semi -Pool B First Boys Semi - Pool A Second
Open 2:10 Open
Girls Consolation      
 Girls:  Loser of 1:30 Game Girls:   Loser of 1:30 Game 2:30    
Boys Consolation      
 Boys:  Loser of 1:50 Game Boys:   Loser of 1:50 Game 2:50    
Girls Championship      
Girls:  Winner of 1:50 Game  Girls:  Winner of 1:50 Game 3:10    
Boys Championship      
Boys:  Winner of 1:50 Game  Boys:  Winner of 1:50 Game 3:50    

2016 7's State Tournament Guidelines

Tournament Date
December 3, 2016

MTSU Club Sports Complex

2111 East Main Street
Murfreesboro, TN  37130

The 7’s State Tournament Roster will be limited to the Team’s players and coaches registered and paid within normal TRA procedures.  The Tournament Roster will be limited to a maximum of 15 players and 5 coaches.

Rosters – It is the coach’s responsibility to forward to Al Overton (by email to their player and coach roster.  This roster must be forwarded no later than NOON on Wednesday November 30, 2016.  It is also the coach’s responsibility to verify that players and coaches are registered, paid and on the approved state roster located on the TRA website at  This must be done prior to the Noon deadline on November 30, 2016.

Substitutions – 2016 Sevens - Game Management Guidelines will be used:

1.Each Team must have no more than seven players on the playing area

2.Each team can nominate and use 5 substitutes/replacements

3.Substituted players may return multiple times

Middle School Competition – The Middle School team category will play a round-robin format with the seeding of the teams determined from the round-robin play.  The “Seeding Tie Breaker” rules shown below will determine final placement should there be a tie arising from the round-robin games.  Middle School variations will be used for each game.  Middle School Substitutions are open for the entire 15 player event roster

Bracket point system – all divisions:  A win will equal 3 points.  A tie will equal 2 points.  A loss will equal 1 point.  A “No Show” or forfeit will equal 0 points.

Pre-Game procedures – all teams will be available at their field at least 10 minutes prior to their scheduled game time for equipment check and coin toss.

Bench Areas – Only players and coaches who are on the approved Tournament Roster are allowed in the bench area.  Coaches must be on the “team side” – there will be no coaching from the fan side.  The only exception to this is the single “on-field coach” for middle school matches.    Coaches and players must remain in their team area which is designated as from their side of the half-way line to the 22M line.                                    

Duration of periods - All Matches, including semi-final and finals, will consist of two seven-minute halves except overtime periods as noted below.  There will be no overtime period in pool/preliminary/bracket games.  Overtime will only be played in the consolation, semi-final and championship games.

Seeding Tie Breaker Procedures:

1.Head to head competition

2.Total point differential

3.Most  points scored

4.Least points allowed

5.Most tries scored

6.Most conversions

7.Coin toss



For Semi Final and Finals: During the Semi-Final and Final games, in the event of a Match being drawn at the end of normal time, extra time will be played until a winner is determined. Extra time will be in periods of five minutes. After each period the Teams will change ends without interval. In extra time the Team which scores first will immediately be declared the winner without further play.   The Team that first kicked off will do so again in the first period of extra time, and subsequent kick-offs will alternate between the two sides.

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