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Friends of the Tennessee Rugby Park

Friends of the Park Summer Touch Rugby

Each Summer, the Knoxville rugby community plays touch rugby at the Tennessee Rugby Park on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Participants have the opportunity to play touch rugby games that are segmented by age, skill level, and experience to provide a competitive experience for everyone that wants to participate.

Each participant is asked to become a Friend of the Park by donating $20 to the Smoky Mountain Athletic Club to assist with the overhead and upkeep of the park during the summer.



Bob Evans
Marty Bradley
Logan McNeil
Michael Feliciano
Pierre Steenekamp
Aaron Sands
Breck Bowlin
Wayne Chermely
Duke Cook
Logan Doar
Jack Donlon
Sam Hawkins
Duncan Bintrim
Dylan Craven
David Ilchert
Keenan Kayser
Tommy Lane
Nesto Rivas
Kerry Roberts, Jr
Ben Schwartz
Travis Vickers
Chris Agnew
Chris Wightman
Gabe Woodson (5/8)
Chris Leatherwood
Rob Ellis
Jeremy Potter (5/11)
Enrique Orejuela 
Derick Jenson  (5/17)
Chris Hawthorne
Reese Hawthorne
Conor Whitaker
Rob Wallace
Mark Lane
Cole Lail
Joel Witcher




Will Holland
Matt Whitaker
Jacob Rule
Jordan Thompson
Gabe Woodson
Wayne Chermely
Marty Bradley
Brad Lokitz
Zachary Dyar
Rob Ellis
Francis Bisek
Tre Doster
Breck Bowlin
Jonathan Towe
Jake P
Ray Moore
Mark Lane
Dan Ampthor
Matt Worsham
Brian Evans
Jon Killebrew
Mike Berry
Bobby Bridges
Bryan Gantt
Nick Davis
Preston Gilbreath
Brad Colson
Alex R
Jeremy Potter
Ethan Rosenblum
Michael Feliciano
James Long
Demarcus Mitchell
Rob Wallace
Logan McNeil
Ryan Roper
Chris H
Reese H
Cole Lail
Anthony Silva
Connor Whitaker
Keegan Peity

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