2013 SMAC Boys All-Conference

June 01, 2013 - The Smoky Mountain Conference has named the 2013 SMAC High School Boys All-Conference team based on coach nominations and recommendations.

2013 SMAC Player of the Year: William "Milkshake" Ward, South Doyle

First Team
Gabe Harris, South Doyle, Senior Center
William Ward, South Doyle, Senior Lock
Cory Bunch, South Doyle, Senior Prop
Jacob Jones, South Doyle, Junior Center
Seth Ohle, South Doyle, Senior Wing
Jacob Rule, South Doyle, Senior Flyhalf
Chris Leatherwood, Maryville, Senior Flyhalf
Jason McCord, Maryville, Senior #8
Trace Fuller, Maryville, Senior Flanker
Ben Tatham, Maryville, Senior Prop
Brian Coulter, Maryville, Senior Center
Bobby Hughes, Farragut, Junior Prop
Austin Sneed, Farragut, Senior Flyhalf
Britton Keyes, Farragut, Senior #8
Jake Lister, Farragut, Senior Flanker
Sean Doyle, Bearden, Junior, #8
Georges Brandon, Bearden, Senior Scrumhalf
Preston Gerrish, Bearden, Junior, Flanker
Cole Harris, Bearden, Senior Center
Zach Timm, McMinn County, Senior #8
Jacob Lane, McMinn County, Senior Hooker
Matt Derrickson, McMinn County, Junior Fullback
David Buckner, McMinn County, Freshman Scrumhalf
Denis Bulkhak, Central, Senior Flyhalf
Mark Hulsey, Central, Senior Scrumhalf
Josh Smith, Central, Sophomore Fullback
Mike Berry, Powell, Sophomore Flanker
Dakota York, Powell, Junior Flyhalf


Second Team
Colton Warner, South Doyle, Senior Lock
Hagan Henderson, South Doyle, Junior Lock
Charlie Holman, South Doyle, Sophomore Hooker
Nino Young, South Doyle, Junior #8
David Lairemore, Maryville, Senior Flnaker
Christina Taylor, Maryville, Senior Scrumhalf
Noah Kelso, Maryville, Senior Hooker
Hunter Hawkins, Maryville, Senior Lock
Jared Bowlus, Farragut, Junior Fullback
Kevin Miller, Farragut, Senior Lock
Caleb Waters, Farragut, Senior Wing
Cody Jenike, Farragut, Senior Center
Demetrius Robinson, Bearden, Sophomore Flanker
Gage Webb, Bearden, Senior Prop
Ben Schwartz, Bearden, Sophomore Flyhalf
Caleb Edmonds, Bearden, Junior Fullback
Cody Arbuthnot, McMinn County, Senior Flanker
Ryan Haney, McMinn County, Sophomore Lock
Jesse Crisp, McMinn County, Junior Center
Isaiah Goodman, McMinn County, Junior Wing
Elias Jolly-Knight, Central, Freshman Wing
Fox Edwards, Central, Junior Lock

Stone Pedigo, Powell, Freshman Hooker
Tyler Ervin, Powell, Sophomore #8
Paul Miller, Powell, Senior Center
Xavin Gregg, Carter, Sophomore, Flanker
Dean Houser, Carter, Junior, Hooker